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Yellow Belt
The course provides basics of Lean Six Sigma methodology. Yellow Belts can participate in any improvement projects as team members.
Green Belt
The course is intended for facilitators of simple or medium complexity projects. Green Belts become competent in using most Lean Six Sigma tools.
Black belt
The course was developed for leaders who can be asked to execute Lean Six Sigma projects of any complexity. Black Belts are meant to drive implementation and proliferation of Lean Sigma program in their companies.
The course was created for heads of departments slated for Lean Six Sigma projects. Champions should have a good grasp of Lean Sigma philosophy and his/her role in supporting LSS projects.
5S, Organization of Efficient Workplace
5S helps to increase productivity, safety and quality. It also positively affects overall business culture, creates basis for future initiatives on improving work processes.

Lean Six Sigma University focuses on providing training and certification to our customers’ personnel and also consulting services for work process improvement efforts. Our main customers are local and foreign companies (operating in Russia and other CIS countries) determined to make their processes more efficient and therefore searching for quality training in Russian language for their personnel. Read more

Lean Six Sigma

Our Courses

As of this day Lean Six Sigma is the most popular and successful process improvement methodology. The methodology has proved to be effective in big-name companies as well as in medium and small size enterprises. The system came about as a synthesis of two philosophies: Six Sigma, which was developed in America, and Lean, which originated in Japan.
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All training programs are built on experience of Lean Six Sigma implementation in several economic sectors in Russia and other CIS countries. The courses include expert support, texts with explanations and examples, many useful templates, self-test questions and exams to evaluate learning progress and set students for subsequent certification.
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Lean Six Sigma Certification


Training Materials Adaptation

Our certification means that students learned the materials and also were able to use acquired knowledge in successful execution of LSS projects. Lean Six Sigma University is committed to minimizing risks associated with implementation of improvement programs by offering quality training and keeping certification standards high.
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Today Lean Six Sigma is a commonplace methodology in most developed countries.
And now, when it is CIS countries' turn to take advantage of this system many local business leaders are hesitant to embrace it as they assume that Lean Six Sigma would not work in our specific economic, social and cultural environment.
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The University’s intent is to help you stay in touch with the most interesting and educating events in Lean Six Sigma world. With this objective in mind our site will keep adding articles, training materials and useful links. This range of information will be enriching your understanding of LSS methodology as a whole and strengthening your grasp on individual tools. The Workshop will become a reliable guide for people who are just coming to terms with this system as well as for seasoned LSS specialists who practice the methodology on a regular basis. Read more.

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