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Training Materials Adaptation

Tailored for Russian business environment

Today Lean Six Sigma is a commonplace methodology in most developed countries. And now, when it’s Russia’s turn to take advantage of this system many local business leaders are hesitant to embrace it as they assume that Lean Six Sigma would not work in our specific economic, social and cultural environment. LSS experts who completed a number of projects in Russia and other CIS countries brought their extensive experience into development of these training materials. Tested in real life conditions the tools were modified and supplemented with necessary comments and recommendations.

Motivation for learning and professional development

Besides merely providing Lean Six Sigma related knowledge it is important to get specialists excited about newly learned methodology and turn them into passionate advocates for future transformations in their home companies. In order to achieve this objective LSS University puts special emphasis on material presentation.

The training materials were developed in such a way as to get students drawn into the subject, show them alternative views on many processes and keep their attention throughout the course. Theoretical explanations are supplied with simple real life examples, practical exercises, visual aids and animations. Ability to explain ideas in simple terms – is one of the key characteristics of the training programs provided by LSS University.

Option of developing specialized courses

The University’s courses were developed as a universal program for all industrial and service sectors. In order to comprehend the materials students do not have to be experts in particular processes. The courses use examples from different sectors of economy but all of them can be easily understood by most readers. Some instruments take advantage of several different examples to better grasp presented ideas.

However, having materials adapted for a particular industry or company may present additional benefits. There is a value in selecting tools and approaches for specific needs. Students might better appreciate examples belonging to their trade. In order to satisfy this need and maximize LSS implementation outcome the University offers the option of developing specialized trainings upon customers’ request. Such adaptation can entail using concrete examples of already implemented projects in the costumer’s company along with industry specific examples; also certain tools/methods already practiced by the company can be integrated into the program.

All specifically developed materials will be available only to your company; we guarantee full confidentiality and nondisclosure of such information.

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