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Yellow Belt Classroom Training

Individuals certified as Yellow Belts are soldiers in Lean Six Sigma system and therefore play very important role in implementation success. Working under supervision of Green or Black Belts they participate in all types of projects. Yellow Belts collect data and perform its initial evaluation, provide their input on issues present in current processes and generate ideas for improvement. Yellow Belts have fairly good understanding of Lean Six Sigma philosophy and utilize its principles in their daily activities.

Yellow Belt course materials cover:

  • Basics of Lean Six Sigma methodology and DMAIC cycle;
  • Lean Six Sigma’s organizational structure and principles of efficient communication within LSS projects;
  • Basic tools for data gathering, analysis, and process improvement;
  • Execution of simple process improvement projects.

Specific requirements:

There are no prerequisites for taking Yellow Belt training and any professional/supervisor who wants to learn basics of Lean Six Sigma system can sign up for the course.

As a standard approach this course does not require students to execute process improvement projects. However, execution of simple projects can be integrated into the training program if requested by the customer. To receive more information on Yellow Belt certification please refer to Certification.



8-24 hours (1-3 days)

Standard training

covers 23 topics

Customization of training

materials to specifically

address customer’s industry

The training is conducted by

two experts with extensive

practical experience

Content-rich handouts

Online access

to additional materials

Over 10 automated

Excel templates


Record of Completion


We are offering three options for Yellow Belt Classroom Training:

# Duration Short Description
1 1 day Introduction to Lean Sigma methodology and simple tools.
2 2 days Lean Six Sigma basics for members of process improvement projects.
3 4-6 days Lean Six Sigma methodology and execution of simple process improvement projects.
  • 2 days – classroom training
  • 1 month – Independent execution of process improvement project (first half)
  • 1-2 days –Assistance in project execution thru online communication or physical presence
  • 1 month – Independent execution of process improvement project (second half)
  • 1 day – project protection, lessons learned, certification


Course outline:



Prices for Lean Six Sigma University classroom programs vary depending on the number of students, scale of project implementation, material customization requirements, number of experts engaged in training and consulting.

Please follow the link for more details on training Lean Six Sigma specialists.

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