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Black Belt Classroom Training

Black Belts are the main driving force in LSS structure. They execute improvement projects of any complexity. Another, not less important mission, is to serve as mentors for Yellow and Green Belts and conduct necessary LSS trainings. Black Belts also assist Champions is project selection. Black Belt becomes an expert in such areas as process examination, selection and evaluation of projects, team management and statistical analysis. Black Belts’ responsibility is to organize work of the team, ensure compliance with LSS methodology and DMAIC process, collect and analyze data, develop and conduct experiments, and liaise with Champion/process owner/s.

Beyond their role in project execution Black Belts are strategic figures in implementing LSS system and changing business culture in companies.

Black Belt course materials cover:

  • Approaches to Company-wide deployment of Lean Six Sigma;
  • Establishing system for improvement projects selection;
  • In-depth learning of the most efficient data analysis and statistical process control tools;
  • Efficient communication with all members of LSS hierarchy; Presentation skills;
  • Team facilitation techniques and projects portfolio management;
  • Executing projects with resultant significant financial benefit for the company.

Specific requirements:

Black Belt training can be offered only to individuals who completed Green Belt course, proved their skills by successful completion of process improvement projects and were certified as Green Belts.

Standard training has a requirement for students to complete process improvement projects following Lean Six Sigma methodology. To incorporate project execution the course is divided into two separate sessions 5 days each with 4-6 weeks between the sessions. The training break is used for working on project related tasks using tools and approaches learnt by students during the first session. After the second sessions the students proceed with completing their projects.

In addition to successful protection of the project Black Belt students must write an article on any Lean Six Sigma related topic. The article can be either published in any hardcopy issue or placed in any Internet resource.

To receive more information on Black Belt certification please refer to Certification.



40-80 hours (5-10 days)

Standard training

covers 152 topics

Customization of training

materials to specifically

address customer’s industry

The training is conducted by

two experts with extensive

practical experience

Content-rich handouts

Online access

to additional materials

Over 40 automated

Excel templates


Project Defence


Black Belt Certificate


We are offering two options for Black Belt Classroom Training:

# Duration Short Description
1 1 week Lean Six Sigma deployment and program management, process improvement project execution.
  • 5 days – theoretical training
  • 3-4 months – independent project execution
  • 1 day – project protection, certification
2 2 weeks Lean Six Sigma deployment and program management, in-depth learning of complicated statistical tools, project execution.
  • 5 days – theoretical training
  • 2 months – independent project execution (first half)
  • 5 days – theoretical training
  • 2-3 months – independent project execution (completion)
  • 1 day – project review and protection, certification


Course outline:



Prices for Lean Six Sigma University classroom programs vary depending on the number of students, scale of project implementation, material customization requirements, number of experts engaged in training and consulting.

Please follow the link for more details on training Lean Six Sigma specialists.

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