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CoursesInstructor led trainingsClassroom training – Lean Office

Classroom training – Lean Office

Lean Office focused on analysis and building efficient office and service related processes. Application of these Lean methods leads to lower costs of routine steps, enhanced communication (both internal and external), greater customer satisfaction (not only with product but also with service).

Lean office course materials cover:

  • Applying Lean methods in service related processes;
  • Implementation of Lean methods in at least one office area;
  • Lean standards for services;
  • Established system for inspection and assessment of office processes;
  • Plan for future improvements.

Specific requirements:

There are no prerequisites for taking Lean Office and any professional/supervisor can sign up for the course. During the course students get to practice what they learned about Lean methods for offices or services in a selected area. These methods can be easily replicated across the company. Upon successful execution of Lean projects students receive Records of Completion. Depending on the scale of selected projects the training can last from 1 to 2 weeks.



32-64 hours (4-8 days)

Pilot Lean Office

in a selected area

The training is conducted by

two experts with extensive

practical experience

Content-rich handouts

13 Excel/Word



Project Defence

Record of Completion


We are offering two options for Lean Office course:

# Duration Short Description
1 1 week Practicing Lean methods on at least one selected office area.
  • 4 days – work under Lean expert guidance
2 2 weeks Practicing Lean methods on several selected office areas, building Lean Office team to ensure future improvements.
  • 4 days – work under Lean expert guidance
  • 1 month – independent execution of practical tasks
  • 4 days – work under Lean expert guidance


Course outline:



Prices for Lean Six Sigma University classroom programs vary depending on the number of students, scale of project implementation, material customization requirements, number of experts engaged in training and consulting.

Please follow the link for more details on training Lean Six Sigma specialists.

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