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Green Belt Course online

Green Belts are key figures in LSS structure. They can work on improvement projects either under Black Belt’s supervision or independently. Green Belts execute simple or medium complexity projects. Working on projects Green Belts assume responsibility for data gathering and analysis, developing and conducting experiments, efficient team management, and coordination with Champions and process owners. Green Belts’ leadership in project execution and their efforts in disseminating LSS practices translate into great economic benefits for their home companies.

Green Belt course materials cover:

  • Lean Six Sigma methodology and DMAIC cycle;
  • Lean Six Sigma organizational structure;
  • Selecting and framing new LSS projects;
  • Efficient communication with other team members;
  • Data collection and comprehensive data analysis;
  • Data driven decision making;
  • Tools for data collection, data analysis, generation of ideas and implementation of changes;
  • Team facilitation techniques;
  • Presentation skills.


Estimated Time: 70 hrs

Course Access: 6 months

98 Topics,

Over 220 Sections

Over 25 Automated

Templates for Calculations

Expert Support


Project Defence

Green Belt Certificate


Green Belt course components:

  1. Access to training materials

Students receive six months access to the materials which include theory, examples and quizzes for self-assessment. Estimated actual training time – 70 hours.

  1. Expert support

Expert support allows students to communicate with Lean Six Sigma specialists. This means that they can get help with any questions related to the course materials and also receive specific guidance on LSS projects they execute in their companies.

  1. Exam

The exam provides a way to gauge how well students learned presented materials. Students who successfully passed the exam are awarded with Record of Completion. For more details please read Certification.

  1. Certification

The purpose of Green Belt Certification is to recognize students’ practical skills demonstrated while applying Lean Sigma methodology. In order to obtain the Certificate prospective Green Belts have to defend their projects.

Project evaluation is a very labor intensive activity as projects have to be scrutinized by LSS experts. The evaluation is based on personal experience of the experts and established assessment standards. In order to clarify certain project related details LSS experts will be contacting Champions and/or students’ line supervisors. For more information please see Certification.


- Access to training materials can be purchased separately, without any other components of the course.
- Expert support is available only for students who have access to the course materials.
- Eligibility to pursue Certification is limited to students who successfully passed the exam.

Course outline:



Access to training materials and exam

20500 rubles.

Expert support

20500 rubles.


29000 rubles.

Complete course

59500 rubles.

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