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Lean Six Sigma Certification

Lean Six Sigma University maintains high standards of certification. Our certification means that students learned the materials and also were able to use acquired knowledge in successful execution of LSS projects.

Ever growing number of people nowadays are claiming to be knowledgeable of Lean Six Sigma methodology and some of them have respective certificates. However certification standards vary significantly – some entities might see participation in a small project as the only requirement for certification while other organizations want a person to facilitate several LSS projects with proved financial benefits. Lowered certification standards can lead to poor project execution and jeopardize success of Lean Sigma implementation in a company. It is very important to have proper certification requirements at all stages of LSS implementation be it the time of inception or later periods of the system’ introduction.

Lean Six Sigma University is committed to minimizing risks associated with implementation of improvement programs by offering quality training and by keeping certification standards high. Companies in different economic sectors recognize specialists certified by LSS University. Such companies realize that getting their employees trained and certified is the right path toward becoming more efficient and therefore more competitive in the world marketplace.

Benefits for companies:

  • Project quality control;
  • Recognized standards of certification;
  • Additional motivational factor for personnel which encourages them to be active in process improvement initiatives;
  • Less time and effort compared to arranging certification system with company’s own resources.

Benefits for individuals:

  • Proof of Lean Six Sigma competency;
  • Career growth;
  • Professional evaluation of executed LSS project/s.

Certification requirements

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