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CertificationBlack Belt Certification

Black Belt Certification

Black Belts facilitate LSS projects of any complexity and mentor Yellow and Green Belts. Certified Black Belts must be proficient in using all Lean Sigma tools. As leaders of Lean Sigma implementation they provide necessary support to Champions in project selection and organize/conduct trainings for all roles in LSS structure.

Only certified Green Belts are eligible for Black Belt Certification. In order to obtain Black Belt Certificate students have to prove both their knowledge of the course materials and their practical skills – they have 6 months to do this (from the day when access to materials is provided). Theoretical knowledge is evaluated by the exam which includes questions on Lean Sigma terminology and LSS tools application and also asks students to perform calculations for presented examples and business cases. To pass the exam at least 80% of questions have to be answered correctly. Two attempts are allowed. Questions generated for the second try are different from the questions of the first attempt. Questions are generated randomly for each individual student.

Practical skills are evaluated on the basis of completed LSS project which has to be categorized as a Black Belt project in advance. Submitted project documentation has to comply with established requirements. LSS experts will contact Champion and/or students’ directs supervisors in order to get clarifications on executed project.

In addition to the exam and project defense students must write an article on Lean Six Sigma system. The article can be placed on the Internet or produced in hard copies with any publisher.

Your Black Belt
  • Strong skills in using LSS tools
  • Executing projects of any complexity
  • Providing support to Champions during LSS project selection
  • Driving LSS system implementation in a company
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