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Lean Six Sigma UniversityAbout University

Lean Six Sigma University

Lean Six Sigma University focuses on providing training and certification to our customers’ personnel and also consulting services for work process improvement efforts. Our main customers are local and foreign companies (operating in Russia and other CIS countries) determined to make their processes more efficient and therefore searching for quality training in Russian language for their personnel.

Our instructor-led and online training programs and also consulting support during process improvement projects have been appreciated by our clients who represent various sectors of economy: mineral extraction, banking, power generation, metallurgical industry, mechanical engineering, health care, IT, trade and others.

Famous process improvement methodology, Lean Six Sigma (originated in Japan and USA), has been adapted by the University based on its many years of experience in implementing LSS projects for clients operating in the post-Soviet space. The tools and approaches have been tested in specific business environment of these countries.

Lean Six Sigma University strives to maintain high standards in providing its services. The University’s objective is not limited to offering theoretical knowledge to its clients but it stretches further to provide support in execution of actual projects, achieve financial benefits, build self-sustainable system for many years ahead.

Benefits for companies

  • Quick financial benefits
  • Long-term and self-sustaining system of continues improvements
  • Training is available for any number of professionals/supervisors
  • Flexible timing – the training can be offered at any convenient time
  • Standardized approach to training and certification
  • Saved time and money compared to arranging training and certification using only internal resources
  • Day-to-day project execution support by experienced LSS experts
  • Materials adapted for specific industry or company
  • Personnel development

Benefits for students

  • Full flexibility in taking time for training
  • Learning new sphere of knowledge
  • Becoming more competitive
  • Professional knowledge assessment
  • Support by experienced experts

Our advantages

Training and consulting are offered in Russian language There are many western consulting companies which offer Lean Six Sigma training in English while Lean Six Sigma University was developed specifically for Russian speaking audience.
Training and services - Structure and delivery method Structured approach of our training and other services is intended to grab attention of professionals and supervisors from the very beginning till final results. Our clients will be able to look at many work processes from unconventional angle and at the same time even complicated things will be explained to them in a simple way.
Diversity in training methods In addition to thoroughly developed Power Point materials (for classroom training) the University employs many business games which help students to learn materials better. Also, unique interactive format is utilized in our online training – the approach which provides extra flexibility to our customers.
Adaptation for Russia and CIS Since Lean Six Sigma originated in other countries simply translating texts from English into Russian would not work. The University’s materials were exclusively tailored for post-Soviet space business environment.
Daily consulting support No matter how well training materials are presented students may still have some questions. ULSS consultants provide daily support to our clients in respect with training, project execution and implementation of process improvement system.
Full range of services Lean Six Sigma University is offering a full range of services related to work process improvements including: instructor-led and online LSS trainings for all types of programs, building continues improvement systems “from scratch”, execution of selected projects, providing targeted consulting support as per customers’ requests.
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