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Online Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean Six Sigma online training is a more flexible, affordable and at the same time efficient alternative to traditional instructor-led classes. Theoretical sections of the training materials are enhanced with real life examples, practical tasks, visual aids and animations.

Online training provides companies an opportunity to reduce costs for training and certification, also this format allows conducting training/certification for any number of students at any convenient time.

Online Lean Six Sigma training includes the following programs:

  • Yellow Belt Training is designed for making students aware of Lean Six Sigma basics. Yellow Belts participate in projects as team members. For more details about the course please refer to «Online Yellow Belt».
  • Green Belt Training targets team leaders working on simple and average complexity projects. Green Belts know most of the Lean Six Sigma tools and play one of the key roles in creating continuous improvement system. For more details about the course please refer to «Online Green Belt».
  • Black Belt Training is intended for individuals leading Lean Six Sigma projects of any complexity. In addition to project execution Black Belts are instrumental in development and deployment of Lean Six Sigma system in their companies. For more details about the course please refer to «Online Black Belt».
  • Champion Training is designed for supervisors who have process improvement projects going on in their departments. A Champion should understand Lean Six Sigma philosophy and know his/her role in supporting the projects. For more details about the course please refer to «Online Champion».
  • Remote support provided by Lean Six Sigma experts allows students to find answers to questions they face during their training and also receive some consulting support while executing projects in their organizations.

    In the course of the training students are provided with specifically developed materials: over 40 automated templates for calculations and efficient project execution. The templates will stay with students helping them in any future work.

    If requested by customers all trainings can be modified for specific industry or company. Such adaptation helps students learn new materials better.

    The training is complimented with assessments of theoretical knowledge (exam database contains over 500 questions) and practical skills (protection of completed projects). After completion of training and successful passing of the exams students receive Records of Completion, and with successful protection of qualifying projects – Belt Certificates.

Course title

Yellow Belt

Green Belt

Black Belt


Estimated duration 16 hrs 70 hrs 120 hrs 16 hrs
Access to training materials 1 month 6 months 6 months 1 month
# of topics/sections 23 / 70 98 / 220 152 / 300 26 / 70
Consulting support Optional Optional Optional Optional
Record of Completion Yes Yes Yes Yes
Project defence No Yes Yes No
Article publication No No Yes No
Certification No Yes Yes No
Access to training materials and exam 5900 rub 20500 rub 20500 rub 7200 rub
Expert’s support during the training 5900 rub 20500 rub 20500 rub 7200 rub
29000 rub 44500 rub
All segments combined
9600 rub 59500 rub 68900 rub 12000 rub



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